Friday, October 12, 2012


I wanted to post a picture of my favorite dog who we lost last year the day before Christmas. Bugs joined me when I was pregnant with Lucy and only lived a short life but grew into a handsome dog. He was loyal to me and always was a super caring babe. I miss him so much and sometimes when I am calling all the dogs name, I end up saying his name and then remember he is not with us anymore.

Fortunately if you are a cattle dog it means that you get to run around in the mountains and spend everyday outside in the sunshine. Unfortunately it also means you will probably live an average life of 3 years due to your occupation. Most accidents occur with being kicked by a cow or stomped. We call it mucked out.

So here is to the cattle dog. May you stay safe helping us.


Our little princess sporting her boots and skirt in the big city of Denver. She raised her hands and said, "I did it!"

Reese, Lucy, and Ranger on our property. And to think we want to move to Oklahoma! 

Nate and Lucy talking to the horses at our friend's house. 

This year is almost to a close. Thank God! 
Nate has been busy working for the oilfield. He worked from January through August in North Dakota. Then he came home to work the cattle and left in September through the rest of the year to Texas. 
Reese had on surgery in November 2011 and then again in June 2012. We were told that we have a break until 2013 from surgeries and having to go to Denver! YIPPEE! Reese is homeschooling this year and thankfully he's doing great. We have A's and B's and are in gifted math and language arts. He also will be skipping a grade next year in math. He received treasurer in 4-H for his club and beat out two kids this year. He also has been learning how to rope with his best friend Trace. He also is participating in Science and Robotic club. 
Lucy turns 2 this year. She is busy with getting into everything and learning how to potty on the potty chair. Her favorite show is Dora. She speaks spanish better than I do. :) Hola! She loves bananas, eggs, and chocolate chips. Her favorite past time is singing jibber and riding her horse. 
I had surgery earlier this year for my finger. That set me back a few but I am back in the swing of things. The kids keep me pretty busy. I am in the process of writing my first novel. We are thinking about moving to Oklahoma. Which means then I will be in charge of 13 horses, 5 dogs, and hundreds of cattle. I'm ready! Lots of people have asked me about my stay tuned. I will be giving lots of explanation of the cattle doggies that help us. 

Monday, June 27, 2011

Branding 2011

Morehouse Branding 2011- June

Each year we have a branding of our cattle. We typically don't know what will happen or who will show up but we always manage to have a great time doing it. This year lots of our friends helped and I even wrestled a few cows, vaccinated, and branded a few. My in laws have an old chuckwagon that they have restored and they come to help feed the masses.
Here Little Lucile and I are taking a break for a beer and a bottle.

Had to show me branding cause I am so proud of that!

Mess hall- Morehouse style.

Twine helping me hold er down.

Walley, Thad, myself, and Nate (my cowboy) chatting it up while we talk.

Little Lorah, Keith (her father), Zach, and Thad keeping a 'gate' to separate the branded calves from the non branded.

Luckily they are little!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stuff on twitter

Ok...I am obsessed with Twitter. I just found out about all the cool things you can do on there. I am on Thrifty and Chic Mom's blog and she is having an ergo baby carrier for vday. If you want to jump on board and try to win it, go for it! BEST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE!

We are going to a super bowl party tomorrow. I found out on Friday who was playing. :) You can tell that I watch football.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Little Lucy

Our little Lucy was born on October 15, 2010. Three days before my 30th birthday so ..technically I had her when I was 29. Go me! She was born weighing 8 lbs 8 oz. 20 3/4 inches long. She was 10 days overdue so we had to induce and I was only in labor a short nine hours from the start to the end. We were told that we couldn't have children because the Cowboy had testicular cancer in 2004. He went through chemo and lost all of his hair. He about didn't make it. We just never thought children were in the picture. Even dating we were always saying, "This (the three of us) is our family." In February of 2010 I started to feel really tired. I had no energy. I kept going to the bathroom every five minutes. I went in and got blood work done. I thought...what is wrong with me. She said, lets do a pregnancy test just to be sure. Ok you crazy lady, I just told you that I could not get pregnant. But ok...we'll waist that money and do a pregnancy test so you guys can get paid more. I was rehearsing what I would say when she came back and said 'no you are not pregnant'....when she came back and said, "You are pregnant, that's why you are so tired and keep throwing up." So this is our little miracle baby. The one that the Cowboy thought he would never have. I told him that he deserved a little girl from all the rowdiness he did when he was younger.