Monday, June 27, 2011

Branding 2011

Morehouse Branding 2011- June

Each year we have a branding of our cattle. We typically don't know what will happen or who will show up but we always manage to have a great time doing it. This year lots of our friends helped and I even wrestled a few cows, vaccinated, and branded a few. My in laws have an old chuckwagon that they have restored and they come to help feed the masses.
Here Little Lucile and I are taking a break for a beer and a bottle.

Had to show me branding cause I am so proud of that!

Mess hall- Morehouse style.

Twine helping me hold er down.

Walley, Thad, myself, and Nate (my cowboy) chatting it up while we talk.

Little Lorah, Keith (her father), Zach, and Thad keeping a 'gate' to separate the branded calves from the non branded.

Luckily they are little!

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