Friday, February 4, 2011

How we met and the famous bird house

So the wedding was set for my best friend (center) to be married to another high school buddy. Yes...these two were high school sweethearts...but they didn't know it in high school, only years later after the fact! They had a good old fashion cowboy wedding. Nate and I met and immediately sparks flew.
Of course I am hard to get. I believe every woman should be! A man has to make himself known if he wants to be with a classy lady.
So the bride and groom decided to have an auction of this ordinary birdhouse and the proceeds would benefit the new couple. Well hell I hadn't gotten a present for them yet because I knew something like this would crop up. I went ahead and bid 100, 200...and by that time the bridesmaids were telling me..."Autumn this is real money." I think I replied, "No shit?" and kept raising my hand. At first lots of people joined....until we hit about five hundred big ones. was me against this very annoying cowboy. Damn him, I want to give a gift but come on...just let me have it. Be a gentleman...stop bidding! 700, 800. The price kept going up and up and we ...were the only ones against each other. He was sitting across the table from me and I could hear all kinds of hoopin and a hollerin.
I could see him half leaning on the table with a drink in hand (something him and I have in common). He turns to the auctioneer and says, "I'll make it an even thousand." Well that just broke the camels back. The auctioneer turns to me and says, "What will it be Miss Autumn?" and I just reply, "He can have the birdhouse."
We danced a lot that night. She had her reception in the barn out back of her dad's house. We drank a lot. But I lived in Kansas and he lived in Colorado. It would never work out. We said our goodbyes.

......... 2 years later........

I was at my best friends house, from the wedding, sitting at the famous table she bought with the birdhouse money. We were catching up and making small talk. I had moved back to Colorado a year and a half ago. Dating scene was extremely frustrating in a small town with a bunch of silly boys with no direction. That is when I asked, "How is Nate doing?" I was surprised to hear the following reply, "He asked about you a year ago. I wanted you to bring it up and not me pushing it at you. Would you like me to contact him for you?" My face was flush and I was completely in shock. Shouldn't he have a girlfriend...or be married by now? What was his deal? No kids...he made a good living on cattle....he seemed really nice, what the heck? "No, yes, no, yes..." I couldn't make up my mind if I wanted my friend to contact him. Why did he just leave it stand still for so long? Why didn't he just come by where I work if he wanted to talk to me so bad? I left it at no. I didn't want to seem desperate. I didn't want to be that person. week later.....

I just happen to drive to his house. What the heck was I doing? Stalking him? Perhaps. Perhaps I was seeing if I was going to catch another girl leaving the house with her underwear in her hands. I just had to find out. I walked up to the trailer and knocked. No answer. Stupid me...I need to get the hell out of here before he really shows up. week later....

What am I doing driving down the same county road? I AM stalking him. OMG. Shoot me now. I walk up to the door and knock. No one. I peer in. Typical bachelor, everything is neat but....never been deep cleaned in years. I walk back to my car half disappointed. Perhaps I should leave a note this time. Who knows...

Where is that birdhouse you bought a few years ago. I figured it would be bronzed and in your front yard for the whole world to see. I hope you are doing well and hopefully we can catch up soon.

I stare at the note. Number...should I leave it, should I not? I jot it down, fling it in his door knocker which is a horse on a horseshoe. Will the note fall out? I guess this is where fate lies. I take off.

.....two hours later......

My phone rings. It's the cowboy. We make a plan to meet that Friday for lunch....that was our first and far our only real date we've been on. But we've been together ever sense non the less.

(Of course this is my version...Nates story involves me chasing after him like some love sick horn-dog. But then when no ones around he says, "After the reception I went home and thought, this is a good gal. I really like this one.")

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