Friday, February 4, 2011


I have a nine year old...almost ten who's name is Reese. He was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate. We've had about nine surgeries in total. All of them sucked. I think that little children should never have to go through pain. Ever. My first husband was in the military and after we had my son, he had completely changed. A year and a half later I found him cheating and decided...I deserved better. So...I ditched Reese's dad, got sole custody, and returned to live home with my folks, get a degree, and move on with my life. (wow that's the shortest version I have ever told...must be getting over that pretty rapidly--helps that it's been 8 years since the divorce!)
Reese loves legos, building, mechanics, robots, boyscouts, and karate. He will probably pursue a passion in mechanical engineering. He told me last week he wanted to go to NASA and go to space camp. Now...that's an awesome kid. He is super smart when he's not bored with school. He got the top math award for his class last semester.
Before I was with the cowboy it was just him and I. We were partners. We would have date night every Friday night at Applebees (before we moved to the sticks). He was the best thing I could have had for dating because I would find out really quickly if a guy was interested and 'fit' our family.
My favorite all time date (sarcasm is hinted) was with this guy who after only two dates asked me if I was just looking for a daddy for my baby. I replied, "Um...I have a five year old, don't you think if I was looking for a quick hook up I would have a five year old, a three year old, and a two month old all from different daddies?" I asked for the check, made him pay for it and never called him back.
If I wouldn't have had Reese I would have had no direction. I wouldn't have had the motivation to finish my degree in Business Administration, concentration in management. I wouldn't have gotten on the Dean's List. I wouldn't have pursued my volleyball career in college. I wouldn't have landed an intern with a hospital which allowed me to get my first job with a Chamber of Commerce in Newton, Kansas. I still love that little town. It was the perfect fit for me with the big city of Wichita close by but small enough that I didn't get lost.
My son...I would like to credit for me keeping it together all these years. More to come on Reese later. :)

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  1. I love your story! There is a NASA in Houston Texas. Now that you are in Oklahoma, maybe you can make the trip down there. They have a nice tourist type of space center but if you contact them with your story, maybe they will arrange for a special tour for your son?